Friday, July 31, 2009

4th of July (a smidge late! what a lame-o)

Realized my site is quite lame then relized on top of that that it doesn't have the 4th on it!! Stayed home because you can see the fireworks from our house....
the cloud coverage that night was too heavy so they waited and waited and waited (you get the idea) to do fireworks, so at 10 we called it a night and went in.
We did do the sparklers, kiddie stuff with grandpa and grandma caldwell. So you can't beat yummy fruit with FAB dip and "friendly" fireworks!

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jodi, making all her mormon dreams come true, at slow as molassess speed said...

this is so cute...i love the sparklers and how happy your girls look doing the 4th of July thing. I think Brian looks happy too, but i couldn't tell. Awesomeness.