Saturday, July 19, 2008


Almost forgot to post this! Brian thought he needed a motorcycle when he got home to help "fight gas prices!" So I ordered one to be ready here in AZ when we got down here. We went and picked it up and he loves his Triumph Bonneville! The girls do too. I have Abbey to afraid to ride (yeah me) Kass though loves being a rebel so she is allowed to ride around the block (even though it makes me want to puke) I pretend I am OK with it!

Rock on little girl, rock on

I think it really is a cool bike. Maybe when I am 80 we can ride this to our mission! weeeeee

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Hollie said...

hey girl its hollie larson holyoak! how r i was stalking ur blog and noticed u bought the husband wants one so bad but i totally refuse! u r a nice wife!