Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 years down infinity to go

This post is long over due. I have been enjoying my time with Brian so much that I have let my blog go. He is now back up in WA to get our things on the truck so i have time to remember and miss him!
July 3rd we celebrated our 10th anniversary!
Brian surprised me by being a romantic and taking me to the hotel we went on our honeymoon! He did however upgrade our room to a bit bigger! It was a fantastic time. We splurged and got each other nice gifts. I got him a motorcycle (to be posted later) and he got me a fab tahitian pearl necklace (see pict below)

Couldn't seem to get a good one of both at the same time!
Cute Brian, ugg Kristal

Our room said it had a jacuzzi tub, didn't mention it was white trash!!! ha ha
I heart our tub and Brian
Being nostalgic and stopping at some of our old look outs from when we lived in northern AZ. I am a little partial but I do have to say he is about the cutest thing ever!
I thank the Lord all the time for having this wonderful man with me. He is the perfect husband and father. I don't know what I did in heaven to get him but I am glad I did!
I love you the most Brian.


Marie said...

So romantic. I'm sure you are so, so, so happy to finally have your hubby back. Love the necklace and I must see pics of the motorcycle!

arizonamama said...

Kristal, you are so beautiful. I've always thought that. Your necklace is gorgeous too. Flag is nostalgic to me too from our early married years there... right next door to you guys. I'm so happy you have your man back. You look so happy.

Born Again Barbie...making my Mormon Dreams Come True (very slowly) said...

Ok, so i almost teared up looking at these pictures of you guys. You are so dang cute together. I hope your life just keeps on being this amazing. 10 years i cannot even handle it. Man how time flies. I love you both. Love Cousin

Christy said...

10 years???! Congrats! I love those pictures and you both look fabulous in all of them. Are you in AZ? Call me today if you are. I am out in Mesa. The screen on my phone is broken and I can't look up your number.