Friday, July 18, 2008

Father's Day

This year the girls were were blessed to celebrate father's day with their dad!
They got him cologne and a wallet! There is no stopping the creativity there huh?!

Too dang cute. I could eat all of them up!!!

We went hiking at the waterfalls for fathers day. It was so pretty and we had a lovely time

Their totem has got nothing on the Team Caldwell totem!
This one tells the story of a sickeningly happy family that will always be close and wonderful!
We love you Brian, you truly are the best dad!
The girls ADORE you


Giles Family said...

Hey, Yes go for it! I didn't even ask to put you on my sit. Your family looks so a happy
P.S. I cant get the cut background like yours, can you help !!

Giles Family said...

Ok, I went to the sit but I can't see all the backgrounds and the instructions don't show. I'm lost mabe you can tell me what they say?