Friday, January 25, 2008

Princesses on Ice

One of the gifts we got the girls for Christmas was Disney Pricesses on Ice. It was today and we had the best time. It was a fantastic show that was just under 2 hours! The girls were so excited. Their little eyes were sparkling and glued to the floor the whole time. I have a ton more photos that our on our movie site. if I feel like super mom i will put them on this page later. Here are a few of the girls favs.

Genie was awesome

Bubbles fell while they sang "under the sea"

So wicked and so awesome. She even turned into a huge dragon that spit a strem of fire on the ice!

Grand finale of all princess and princes.

Down by the ice. We wre only 3 rows back!

Do you think she's excited?! Note the Ariel wand we HAD to get.

Freeze or I'll get you with Tritans sword

Ariel binoculars-another MUST have!

They are spoiled but it was worth it. If you have extra money and extra time it is still here tomorrow! Nemo is coming in April. I recommend saving and going. Not a bad seat anywhere!


Christy said...

It looks like it was SO much fun. We should have gone with you! I'm trying to be good and pay the credit card down after Christmas, but I am so sad we missed it. Maybe Nemo???

Casey said...

Wow I'm jelous! Everything Disney is always amazing! How fun, I'm glad you guys got to go. Sorry I've been MIA lately, I hope you are doing good! Love ya!

Diane said...

that's sooo cool. kiersten would have went crazy! she is all about princess' & believes she is one.

Team Caldwell said...

that's because ALL little girls are princesses diane!