Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cheer-y girls

Our cheer season finally started today. Abbey was feeling so left out that I had to get her a cheer uniform and pom-poms to match. In fact she had to wear a t-shirt to the game because she wouldn't take the top off yesterday and got it too dirty to wear again. She doesn't care as long as she can shake those poms and say, "who rocks the house?... I rock the house!"

Lookin good even at 8 am!

Getting ready for the players!

"Lets get fired up"


Linae said...

You can be back up for Sadie if i can be a cheerleader with Kassidy! I am so glad that Abby's foot is not broken! Cute new pictures!

Linae said...

Sorry, I think I spell Abbey's name wrong everytime! Abbey, Abbey, Abbey, just for practice.

Team Caldwell said...

funny you say that. when we decided to spell it that way we did not realize there were other ways. we just looked at the author Edward Abbey and the Beatles Abbey Road. Who knew. it causes more issues than we ever thought!

Fergulicous said...

So cute! you still need to call me!