Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jesus wants me for a SUNBEAM

Today was a big day in our home. Abbey (our baby) entered the big kid world in the primary(church). She now is a Sunbeam. That is the first step in the next several years at church. She is getting so big. It was one of those happy/sad days. Fun to see her get out of the "babies" room, but a huge step in what is probably our last one to do this step. SO a bitter-sweet day for me to do alone. She was SOOOOO excited.

Big day for Kassidy too. She moved up to the CTR 8 class which means she will turn 8 this year and make the choice to be baptized or not. We are so proud of her and the good girl that she is.

My 2 little beauties.


Diane said...

we had the exact same scenario yesterday at church!! only kiersten wasn't so thrilled. in fact she screamed at me when i took her out of nursery, bcz she went there out of habit! but was fine later! i can't believe our kids our CTR 8 !!!

arizonamama said...

Your girls are beautiful! It was hard for me too to have my kids move back a row in primary. They're CTR5 and CTR7. No longer a sunbeam and almost to the back row! Makes ya feel old, huh?

Valerie said...

Congrats to your girlies!

Kristina said...

It was Libertys 1st day of Sunbeams too so I know exactly how you feel! It's fun to watch them grow up, but I always wish they could just stay little!!!!!