Sunday, March 1, 2009

Say it ain't SNOW!!!!

We left for church this morning with a little flurry. After 1 hour at church we had accumulated 5 inches on all the cars in the parking lot! So 10 minutes into Sunday school they cancelled church and sent us home!!! We were so excited to be part of the "freak" storm. When we got hoe our house didn't have much yet, but we waited patiently (not really!) but it finally paid off!!

Just home from church
when you don't have it on the ground yet, eat it off the car!!!

The Az plate was a little our of its element!

All right!!!!

A Snowball that would smell so sweet!

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Danielle said...

It figures; we had a 65 degree day here in Flagstaff yesterday. We played outside in our t-shirts. We've got spring fever, but there is snow in our weekend forcast.