Saturday, December 22, 2007

Poor little Abers

We went to an awesome christmas party last night. Thank you to the Morris family for keeping me an honorary Morris for life! The kids had the best time being kids. Abbey got tired and decided she didn't need to walk down the steps, she needed to JUMP! So after sleeping on it when we woke she still could not stand. So a trip to the ER luckily told us it is a sprain! We have to go to a specialist next week to double check for hairlines. I however, think it's a Christmas miracle!! Although sad, it still looks cute on her!

Smiling with her "you were a big tough girl today" present. She is doing really well and the splint makes it so she is able to hobble around which is better than being carried by mom! I can only be a sherpa for so long, so I am grateful for her ability to walk. She is one tough cookie. We love her.

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