Friday, December 14, 2007

Abbey's half birthday

Abbey's school celebrate's half birthdays for those whose birthday will be missed during the school year. So we went all out. Who said celebrating mediocrity was lame?! I am all about the little ye-haw moments. How could you deny this face? She put so much thought into her goody bags for her friends. Miss Janet has done wonders for our Abs. She is now talking to adults a little bit more (which is huge for her) She now no longer cries to go to school or nursery at church. That is SO HUGE!!! We love our little monkey. Half way to 4, holy cow!


Jenny said...

I think that' awesome they celebrate half birthdays. I always felt a little left out since my birthday was in June and I never was able to take in treats! What a great teacher!

Kristina said...

what a fun idea! I think I want that to be a new rule at my house (more for me though!!) She is so flippin' cute!!!