Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super 6

So our little girl is 6! She is living it too! All day she has put the phrase that's how six year olds do (insert activity here)! So funny.

We love her so much. She's our trouble making, makeup using, fib telling, loophole finding, laughter making, kind hearted girl. Life would have so much less in it without her. She is the first to do something wrong and the first to tell me thank you or make me feel like a million bucks.

We love you abs!

Got a guitar and headset and loves to rock it out- until you catch her then she stops. So shy even at home with us.

All dressed up and ready for church.

So today after church we made her bday meal. All she asked for was taco salad(so easy!). Then she said she wanted to eat it in her pajamas- right on. Then she said now that I'm six I'm a big girl so I want to eat it on the couch! I love that she thinks big equals eating on the couch! Guess i've said enough times you can eat on the couch when you're big! She's our crafty loop hole finding gal too! We joke she will be the Johnny Cochran of her time! She's cleaver.

Love you
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Christa Johnson said...

wow! your little girl isn't so little anymore!!!
I love all the descriptions about her personality!
Happy Bday Abs!

Danielle said...

Happy Birtday Abbey. You couldn't be any cuter! Rock on little 6 year old!