Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter picnic

We went to an army Easter party the Saturday before Easter. It was not a very good idea. Long long lines and too many people.

They had Easter egg hunts divided into age groups. Kassidy went first they had 2000 eggs in the little playground below and unleashed over 100 kids aged 7-11! Yeah. It was a mess. Kassidy my non fighter got none. She's the one in the picture in the white shirt looking unamused that I made her go in! They had to give out prizes to all the kids that got nothing!
Abbey saw all the tears of the big kids and decided she wasn't going to do hers.

The girls had fun doing the bungee run. Abbey couldn't even get the bungee to stretch!

Finally we waited in line for free popcorn. Had it eaten before we made it to the free snowcones then called it a day! Love this picture of my super cool and sassy ladies!

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Location:Ft bliss/biggs


Christa Johnson said...

It looks like madness, but it also looks like they had fun!!! Mass chaos is always awesome!!!
Your girls are simply beautiful and sassy to boot!!!

Danielle said...

Large group easter egg hunts are always a diaster. At leaset no one was hurt! I love the bungee run shots. Cute!

The Jones Fam said...

You SO end up paying for those "free" things. I thought it was just my kids that are completely non-aggressive and non-confrontational. Bless their hearts.