Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Run, Dylan, run!

So my super buddy/nephew Dylan is just awesome!
This past weekend he ran in the PF Changs Rids rock run. He ran for our favorite foundation the Sydney hudson foundation (if you ever feel inclined to donate to a fab thing this is it!)
I understand that he was amazing and came in the very top of the runners. He is so great.

Love this picture because he is a time man. I mean he is ALL about time and if you say a time you better be prepared to be prompt or suffer the wrath of Dylan. So here he is pointing to his wrist that it is time to get this wagon train a rollin'!

Check me out man! I got a medal! Who's cool now?! ME
Life would not be the same without D. He brings a simple joy to everything. He keeps you young and makes you play. I am pretty sure he's one of the coolest people on the planet and if he could talk he'd tell me the same thing about me!! ha ha
Love you bud!

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Marie said...

WooHoo for your nephew! (that rhymed)
Never told you I loved your earth friendly Christmas card - great idea and way cute!