Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change of Command (finally a new post!!!)

So today was one of those pretty big things in the life of an Army Family.
Today Brian took command of his own company. He is now the commander of 6/1 HHT. He takes command just a few weeks before deployment and is ready to do his best for all the families he and I are now responsible for. It's quite a big undertaking that he is ready for.
As we prepared for this day yesterday I made all the final arrangements for our reception, ie picking up cake, plates, sandwich trays etc. The day started to turn a little ugly, then it started to rain and got even uglier, then snow?! Are you kidding me? Our ceremony is outside at 9:30 am it can't be snowing. Surely its a freak thing and will go away right? I mean we are in El Paso. So I went to bed thinking nothing other than man it's chilly. Only to awake to this view!
SNOW, in EL PASO in OCT!!!!! Super exciting unless you have to sit outside! Oh well we will endure!
The ceremony was very nice. Everyone spoke and it was as short as they could make it for all us poor freezing folk. It was very humbling to see your husband being the one to take the reigns and the responsiblity of being the commander. I am proud to say he is mine!

He's the hunk on the right!

Handing the flag from old commander to new

Taking the lead

Super sweet 1 minute speech!

Going to his men

Telling the COL the meeting is done and handing the troop over to 1SGT

I LOVE this wonderful man.
I will miss him dearly but know he is needed and will do a gret job at this new venture in life.
Thanks for having me along for the ride Love!


ShelleyG said...

Congratulations! I am so grateful for all those who serve in the Armed Forces and also for their families. i know you guys make sacrifices that most of us civilians don't even have a clue about. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Diane said...

NO CLUE what any of that means.. but congrats to him (and to you) and i truly see (and feel) how proud you are of him.. and you just smile every time you look at him!

ps.. i totally laughed at your comment to linaes post when you called her a big baby!! hehehehe