Monday, August 24, 2009

Lonely, I'm so lonely... aka- 1st day of school

So it's official...

I am a stay at home by myself mom!

cue sad violin...

School started today. Meaning Kassidy is in the 3rd grade and Abbey is a big all-day Kindergartener! Really meaning... I AM ALONE!!!!

Too many emotions. You "wait for this day" from the time they are born talking about all your freedom, etc. On the other hand, you spend all their lives hanging out and playing. They are your built-in buddies so you are never alone.

So today we left our tiny little girl at her giant table and I went home alone!
Are you feeling sorry for me yet?! ha ha
Lucky for me, I haulted ALL home improvement project just for this time. Knowing I would need something to keep me busy with Brian leaving tomorrow for 1 1/2 months and me with no kids.

So here's to smart kids and a lovely home!

Breakfast of "sausagy rolls" made with LOVE! (dorky...yes)

Her Jonas Brother's bag she HAD to have
Look at those long chicken legs!

Note the NO make-up just in case of a melt down. I look soooo nice!! :)

Too cute. Brian and I ate up this moment because he will be in Iraq on the last day of school and the first day next year so we enjoyed every little moment!
I love my eternal family!


Marie said...

Ok, so I'm sad that your gonna be lonely, but oh so jealous that your actually gonna have time to work on projects. Can I send you some of my undone projects to finish:)

Diane said...

i totally know what you mean. you want them gone.. but miss them and want them back.. then feel guilty for wishing they left!!
yeah.. all apart of being moms. i still have 3 years for my next one to leave to school. then i'll be lonely..
and it seems that you have a few months here & there to work on adding a boy...b4 brian leaves to irag! :)