Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom,
aka Grandma Dickson
Wish we were there.
Hugs and Kisses
Kass and Sneaky Pete


Christa Johnson said...

Oh my heck, I just found you, or rather you found me or something through facebook. Small world. So glad to see you are doing well. And guess what else is freaky?? We both named our oldest children Cassidy!!!!!!!!! or Kassidy in your case! wowsers!!!
How are you liking being a military wife???
my blog is
Christa Wiemer Johnson

jodi, making all her mormon dreams come true, at slow as molassess speed said...

This was so cute...i liked the Jo-pops song a little better, but still super cute. Um, thanks for linking me as cousin jodi. that makes me so happy, and laugh a bit. I am glad you got the internet. So where is your new house. It looks like an AZ house, but that can't be right.