Saturday, June 7, 2008

I did it!

Yeah me. After writing an email begging my blog genius friend jacque to fix my blog, i decided it was so lame that i couldn't figure it out... so i did! It was truly easy like she has been telling me. So here we go.

We are in WA and waiting still for Brian todays arrival has moved sometime in the beginning of the week! I don't want to write the date for fear of jinxing it! I brought my camera with all my leaving AZ picts and left the cord in AZ!!! So those picts will have to wait.

Post reunion stuff soon. PS- it's cold and rainy! who knew?! Oh yeah, i did!


Fergulicous said...

Good job! Now for the header challenge go to and mess around. Once you make one email me and I'll explain how to put one on your blog. It seriously is really fun to do so try it for reals!

Diane said...

yay! for a new blog page... and yay! for being "home"... can't wait to see pics.. take care :)