Thursday, June 28, 2007

jolly green giant

so we had our first battle of the summer with GREEN hair. Abbey's hair turned neon green today. I was so worried i would have to cut her hair. i tried swimming shampoo, clarifying shampoo. then our swim teacher said to use purple kool-aid. i'll be darned if it didn't work! I poured the packet into a small bucket of water, added some warm water, soaked her hair for a minute, rinsed and voila, no more green. So all you mom's that have little toe-heads and you run into this, that's the solution! Abbey was very upset that her hair did not turn purple! Kassidy was so scared that her hair would turn green, she kept asking me to check hers. they love the pool. if we're not at swim lessons we're in the backyard.

Funny girls.

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