Thursday, April 12, 2007


We got to AZ Tues night. Wed we signed up for school and Kassidy
insisted on starting school Thursday. So here they are in their AZ clothes!

Going off to walk to school, it is around the cornere and takes 5 min

We HAD to get new bikes when we got there. Abbey wanted one
so bad she chose the boy bike instead of getting the girl one another day!

Kassidy's new "big" girl bike. She's a little wobbly, but will have it soon.

We are so grateful to family for allowing us to come and be in AZ while Brian is gone.
We miss him very much and love him so much. I should have more time once we are
settled in and can post more things.

We Love you Brian!

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Toni said...

Hi Krystal, Kassidy and Abby! We are glad to hear that you arrived safely in AZ. Things are sure different around the neighborhood without you. The potential new neighbors were next door the other day and Nakota was upstairs yelling out the window "Are you going to bring me some new friends?" He and Carter have been spending some time together, mostly worm hunting. Glad to hear that you got the bikes right away. WE know how important that is. And walking to school? What's with that! Please drop us a line when you get settled. The Jenkins Family.